Lawrence Evans investment coach

- About Lawrence -

Lawrence Evans

Isn’t it odd that elite sportspeople view coaches as key to supporting skill development, motivation and challenge, yet in professional investing it's rare to find one... ?

I thought so and chose to become one…

Here is my bio...

Born and raised in South Wales, Lawrence completed an undergraduate physics degree at Lancaster University, UK. An early career in finance and management began at Dean Witter International in 1987. He chose to move to the competitive and boisterous culture of Salomon Brothers in the nineties where he worked as a successful trader of US equities. In 1999 he founded a dot com start-up. The business was backed by multiple venture capital firms and looked to exploit the inefficiency of the delivery of parcels in a fledgling internet economy.

A constant throughout Lawrence’s career has been his application into business of performance enhancing techniques which are commonplace in sport. Post the dot com meltdown he launched a consultancy focusing on business coaching provision into the financial services community in Europe. An opportunity arose in the mid 2000s to work closely in this business with one of the world’s most highly regarded trading coaches, and following this ‘apprenticeship’, Lawrence decided to focus the consultancy exclusively on having an ‘in-house’ process to coach active, discretionary asset managers. This process was put together using insights from investment banking, modern physics, behavioural psychology, competitive sport and executive coaching, but with a focus on practical implementation with clients.

The approach was launched in 2008 (mid crisis) and has grown steadily since.

Lawrence is based in Southern France and travels frequently to coach at his clients’ global locations. He is supported by an operational team based in both London and France.

Informal Bio

Hobbies: Golf, asking questions, high altitude red wine, Welsh rugby.

Personality strengths: customizer, fascinated by peoples strengths.

Personality weakness: terrible memory

Favourite book: Shoe Dog

Favourite film: Star Wars

Travel goals: dry heat, undiscovered boutique, out of season.

Coaching style: practical, challenging, confidential.

Top sporting moment: Ring side world heavyweight boxing Klitschko v Joshua, Wembley.