Mist clearing on mountains

- Investment Coaching -

Developing skill

The mist needs to clear

Aspiring to be a skilled investment team is common. 
Specific action to develop skill isn’t.

The opposite of investment success isn’t failure, it's mediocrity.
I coach active investors who wish to explore self-awareness and embrace higher levels of process discipline.

- Solution Focused -

What can be done...

To develop skill an agreed definition of skill is proposed.

Investors are what they repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act but a habit. We help diagnose current habits.

Optimize habits around:

Personality - do more of what you're good at.

Philosophy - escape competition through authenticity

Process - i) Utilize position checklists, ii) Learn how to practice, iii) Better understand a 'good' portfolio.

- Solution Focused -

What needs solving... 

Investment coaches ask questions and take investors out of their comfort zone. What are the biggest 'comfort zone' issues in the active industry? 

Here are 6:

Investment skill is not a near-term alpha. The obsession with short-term returns is opiate for the mediocre.

The potential for temporary success by pure luck is high in the industry. "Success is a lousy teachers because it seduces smart people into thinking they didn't make mistakes"  - Bill Gates

The industry loves IQ, but being super smart in investing isn't important. Understanding how you are smart is.

Humans are built to survive. Optimizing for survival is not the same as optimizing for investing. Self-awareness is at the core of all performance activities.

30 years ago, most funds were managed by individuals. Now the vast majority are run by teams. Teams can be homogenous or diverse. The industry thinks that DEI is about demographics only. It misses thinking diversity.

It's crucial that every professional investor practice. 95/100 investors don't know what investing practice is.