Salomon Partners provides advisory and coaching services to professional investors.


Defining and understanding your edge in financial markets is a requisite for success. Identifying your
strengths as a firm, individual or an investment process helps unlock the potential of the organisation.


What is your edge?


Every investor has a particular investment method. Our rigorous foundation coaching process has been designed to give you a thorough awareness of your own, enabling you to understand your investment rationale, recognise your industry strengths,  and enhance your performance.

If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete. - Jack Welch


Asset Manager Coaching


Most of our work is with hedge funds and institutional asset managers. Like the personalities that created them, every investment process is unique. Our initial coaching curriculum is an intensive multi-session process that is designed to raise awareness in an individual’s investment process and using specific tools, enhance individual skill as a manager. Our ongoing coaching is then developed according to the specific needs of each client.




We are asked to work with CEO’s and senior executives within asset management to improve investment decision-making frameworks and process in their organisations. These projects
range from offsite presentations and one-on-one coaching with CIOs to implementing
analyst to portfolio manager transition programmes.


High Net Worth Clients


We have adapted our skill development curriculum to the unique demands of high net
worth individuals and their advisors. Our process is agnostic with respect to asset class
or time horizon of the investment strategy. We work with our clients to improve the rigor
and quality of their investment decision-making, identify behavioural biases and hence
improve their returns.


You have to stick within what I call your circle of competence. You have to know what you understand and
don’t understand. Its not terribly important how big the circle is, but it is terribly important you know where
the perimeter is.
- Charlie Munger


the partners

Lawrence Evans

Josh jacobson

paul craven

Lawrence Evans - PARTNER

Following completion of a physics degree and a successful early career in finance and management, which began at Dean Witter International London in 1987, Lawrence focused on US equity sales to European Institutions. He moved to Salomon Brothers in the mid-nineties, where he continued to sell equities to European institutions until 1999. During this time he developed an innovative and successful sales method which required a fundamental understanding of each asset manager’s investment process, instead of the traditional industry norm of offering advice sourced from firms’ analysts.



In 1999, Lawrence developed a business plan, which utilised the (then) burgeoning internet to help transform parcel delivery services. Encouraged by the business opportunity he left banking and became the founder and CEO of an internet-start up,
for which he helped secure $4m funding.



A constant throughout Lawrence’s career has been his application into business of performance enhancing techniques which are commonplace in sport. Thus, following the dotcom demise in the early 2000’s and drawing on his experience and success in finance as well as his relationships with investors, Lawrence launched a new business matching individual business coaches with financial services clients. As well as training and qualifying as an executive coach, during the next 6 years Lawrence brokered best-in-class coaching into banks, asset managers and hedge fund clients.


This led to a key development opportunity in 2005 when a renowned investment bank client asked Lawrence to find – in its words - “the world’s best trading coach”, whose services the client wished to provide to its own clients. Having found the candidate, Lawrence then participated in all future sessions between him and the bank’s selected clients. This “apprenticeship” enabled Lawrence to fine-tune his own trader coaching process and he started coaching in this specialised area in 2008.



In 2012, Lawrence founded Salomon Partners.

Josh jacobson - ADVISOR

Josh Jacobson started his career at Salomon Brothers in New York in 1994, working as a research analyst
in Emerging Markets Economic Research. In 1997 he moved to the firm’s European Equity Sales desk in
London to focus on hedge fund sales, quickly gaining expertise in a market which was, at that time unexplored and unfamiliar.


He joined JP Morgan as a Director of European Hedge Fund Sales in 2001 and spent a year strengthening both their product offering and account penetration. In 2002, one of Josh’s clients, Cheyne Capital Management, invited him to join them as a portfolio manager of the Cheyne Value Fund. From 2002 when he started until 2009 when he left, he generated consistent positive annual returns. This extraordinary achievement – remarkable under any circumstances, but particularly so given the volatility of the markets during those years – gained him a reputation as a highly respected fund manager. Josh credits his outstanding success to the confidence in core analytical skills which he developed over the course of his career and an unfaltering reliance on the importance
of rigorous portfolio research.


In 2009, Josh joined Trafalgar Capital Management as a fund manager and partner, where he continued for 3 years to focus on European Equities. In 2012, he assisted Lawrence with the creation of Salomon Partners and now advises the business.


Paul craven - ADVISOR

Paul Craven is a coach and consultant in the area of behavioural economics. His insights into how and why people make decisions allow Paul to coach on everything from markets to marketing. Paul is particularly interested by the common behavioural traits seen in financial market bubbles and his talks are full of historical examples and stories going back to ‘Tulipmania’ in the 17th century up to the present day. One of his main themes is that people are not always as rational as they would like to think they are – and psychology is the key that unlocks the secret to improved chances of success in business.


Paul has developed his expertise over 27 years’ experience in the pensions industry, in portfolio investment, business development and coaching roles. He retired from Goldman Sachs at the end of 2013 after six years with the firm, latterly as the Head of Institutional Business for Europe. Prior to Goldman Sachs, Paul worked at PIMCO Europe Ltd for four years, where he was head
of UK Business Development. Previously, he spent seventeen years at Schroders as a portfolio manager and later as head of UK Institutional Sales.


He now advises Salomon Partners, as well as being an independent adviser to a number of institutional funds, including pension schemes. He believes that behavioural economics will provide a strong competitive advantage to those firms and individuals
who embrace it, whether in finance, marketing or in society at large.


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